Of flash drive and Kim Clijsters

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Of flash drive and Kim Clijsters

Lost: Flash drive

It's the start of the term and I'm already unlucky. I just discovered that my dear flash drive was lost. She may only be 128 MB but she punches like a Terabyte.

I just do not know why she needs to run away. Did I not take care of her well? Certainly not! I may not have shown her much appreciation, but I was hoping she knows how I treasure her deeply. I always carefully place her in the deepest pocket of my messenger. I thought she felt safe that way. But maybe she felt suffocated.

She was a real beauty. And probably the sexiest I've ever met. When my friends see her, they always gasp at how small she was.

I will miss the way she swivels into life. I will miss how she gladly welcomes stranger ports and even hugs them without qualms.

Mademoiselle Flash drive, please come back to me. From time to time I may have mistreated you but I promise to take better care of you. We've been through a lot already. From keeping me awake during Dr. Cruz's class to seeing me bullied by Bryan during Cocirla. I've always trusted you, I've always thought you will be here for me always. I just did not expect to see you go away especially now that I need you for Mr. Francisco's class. Please come back Mademoiselle. I am not closing my door on you.

Go Kimmy!

So my dear Kim Clijsters served a couple of bagels to her poor opponent.

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You were a bit unforgiving and ruthless. You could have sprayed a few balls outside for her to at least score a game. I was expecting it. You were always like this, unnecessarily serving bagels early in the tournament. Despite that, I still love you.

3 barks:

Tom said...

ok ah. ganda ng blog. btw, nawala ulit ang bago mong flash??? idol talaga si kim ah. hehe!

topdog said...

salamat. yup nawala. di ko lam kung may humiram or nahulog ko.

Benedict said...

sorry if my crappy disk is soooo big and abused... hehe...