Thursday, September 17, 2009


My brother and I used to share shoes and clothes. We were almost of the same size back then, and it was a healthy symbiotic relationship. Then he got married, and took with him a couple of shoes. So When he invited us to play badminton a month ago, I realized I do not have a pair of tennis shoes anymore. So naturally, I have to buy one.

It was of perfect timing that Royal Sporting House was having a big sale that time in Festival Supermall. I got this nice pair of Reeboks for a thousand bucks. Sweet!

Reebok Reebok

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Can't finish The Alchemist

I've only started regularly reading books last year, starting with Dan Brown's "Angels & Demons". It was such a positive experience that I vowed myself to pick up the habit of reading books.

Yes, I finished several books before that as well. But I hated it. I was just being forced to read because my Literature grades would surely be inked in red if I don't. But that was before.

As I was searching for books to read, I decided I have to read some sort of modern day classic. Several names came to mind: John Grisham, Paulo Coelho, Tom Clancy, Anne Rice. I settled on Paulo Coelho. My friend Grace, board topnotcher and classmate for more than a decade, is a fan. Of course, "The Alchemist" was the obvious choice among his best-sellers.

But it was harder than I thought finding this book. I searched several bookstores inside the malls but to no avail, until I found this small stall outside Trinoma selling used and new books at a bargain.

I browsed through several books, with my mind set on not buying anything, until I found this little thin yellowish book covered in plastic.

Paulo Coelho. "The Alchemist". Jackpot. I bought it in a heartbeat.

The Alchemist

That was weeks ago. And I haven't finished the little book yet. "Angels & Demons" and "Da Vinci Code" were much thicker books which I finished in a week.

No, I'm not saying that "The Alchemist" is bad. It's actually a good book. A simple and inspiring read. Nothing too fancy - just a well-thought-of genius of a book.

But it's not a compelling read for me. Maybe it's just not my alley. I'll try picking it up before sleeping and hopefully, finish it tonight.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cafe Bola revisited

Cafe Bola

My college friends and I were having dinner after a month of not having seen each other. Nothing new, just the usual - Friday night, Makati area. But it was not an ordinary Friday night - it was Payday Friday. And God knows how long the waiting queues are on Payday Fridays.

Glorietta restaurants were packed. With nowhere to go, I suggested National Sports Grill, even as we were trying to pinch pennies. Not all of us, after all, have graduated. But the big servings coupled with live sports (and need I say hotter than usual waitresses) would make the higher price-point worth our moolah.

But alas, it's the Wimbledon men's final. Understandably, nobody is giving up his seat.

By that time, it was already past nine in the evening. And we were starving. We came up with the consensus that any restaurant that can offer us seats would be the winner. We went to Cafe Bola upon my suggestion.

And again, Cafe Bola delivers.
Cafe Bola

It would be a sin to dine in Cafe Bola without ordering their famous Adobo Flakes and Kesong Puti rice bowl (P180). It's a generous serving of rice topped with crispy adobo flakes, kesong puti, tomato slice, and spring onion. The slightly sour kesong puti is a good foil to the salty krispy adobo flakes. I can finish this in minutes!

Cafe Bola

Cafe Bola is also know for their, what else, bolas or meatballs. The Carambola on pasta (P210) packs three meatballs (beef, chicken, and seafood) on top of spaghetti with a choice of classic tomata and peas or parmesan cream and ham sauces. It's the best way to sample the meatballs in one dish. This is incredibly filling and the mish-mash of the different flavors of the meatballs is a wonderful experience.

Of course, the ambiance adds to the experience. The red and orange interiors and circular patterns are extremely modern, while the local movie posters add that Filipino touch without the use of salakots and barongs.

Cafe Bola Cafe Bola Cafe Bola

I'd have to say it's one of my favorite restaurants.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Bellevue Manila

The Bellevue

My niece recently went home from California to celebrate her debut here. As they are frequent guests of The Bellevue Manila, it's a no-brainer that they've decided to stage the occasion there.

It was my first time to step inside the hotel and I have to say - I'm pretty impressed! It's nice to know that such a good-looking hotel is within minutes from home.

The Bellevue

The food boasted of fresh salad, bread, main courses, and desserts. The main courses have refined flavors. Nothing memorable, but still pretty good.

The Bellevue

More photos after the jump.
The Bellevue

I can't get enough of the pumpkin soup.

The Bellevue The Bellevue The Bellevue

The Bellevue
This painting would look good in my room.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

It pays to have generous friends


A friend of mine gave me his uncle's used Ballys. They were causing his uncle some foot problems, and no one else is of the same size.

And what do you know, I just happen to be sporting a size 7! It's about time my poor feet get a taste of luxury. Hehe.

Thank you, generous soul. I love them.


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