Out and about

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Out and about

The term is ending and my body is being battered again. It was Friday and I concluded that I needed to reward myself.

I was out and about after my last class which ended at 6 PM. I went to the nearest decent place I could think of, SM Mall of Asia.

I was in time to catch the fireworks. Despite having seen the shebang a dozen of times, it still excites me to an extent.

While waiting for the show, I took some requisite mall pictures.


After the fireworks, I immediately felt the hunger inside my stomach. My last food intake was the brunch I had at 9:30 AM. Since I'm trying to save dough to pay off my iPod nano, I got supper at everyone's favorite joint, Jollibee.


It's amazing how they have the guts to label themselves as fast-food when my food probably would not arrive if I didn't do a follow-up. And get this, I made the follow-up 10 minutes after I placed my order. I know Jollibee serves volumes of people but they sure can improve their service.

Their 39-ers was surprisingly good, and by good I meant it was plentiful enough to fill me up. My stomach has been empty for around 9 hours or so and I would gladly take whatever I could get. Be it shit like the lumpiang shanghai I got or not.

Feeling full and bloated, I decided I needed to take a walk. I discovered that the Bowling Center is opening on the 1st of May. That's good news! I also passed by Topman which is a must. A few meters ahead, a bunch of people were abuzzing. Apparently, the launching of Paris Hilton's Heiress perfume was downstairs.


There were a handful of well-dressed guests. I am guessing they are trying to be part of the who's who of high society based on the number of photogs clicking at them. Great! Skanks attending a skank's launching. I kid.


I saw a bunch of people huddling beside Marionnaud, and naturally I decided to check it out. I did not realize I was beside Tim Yap before doing his thing in front of the camera.


How could I possibly not notice him with that fuchsia ensemble and heavy clown-like makeup?! He was actually taller than what I expected.

I was this close to asking him for a photo, but the inner Proud Philip in me prevailed. So I settled with the stolen photo above. I left the area chuckling because my friends and I had this Tim Yap joke which I suddenly remembered. I chuckled, and left the site.

I was craving for blueberry cheesecake, and since my usual dessert haunt Chocolat does not have that, I went to Conlin's instead. They've got a small and cozy interior. While waiting, I drooled over the chairs. I want them for our house.


And looked at the paintings that they were actually selling.


I eventually decided to be seated outside. And this was how I accidentally discovered the most secluded, quiet, and peaceful area inside the Mall of Asia.


It was beside the IMAX Theater and has a great view of the Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, plus the parking lot. This is where I peacefully enjoyed my delicious blueberry cheesecake.


Having satisfied my craving, I went for another stroll and ended up in Powerbooks. It has been a while since I have read a comic book so it was very refreshing for me. It was getting late so I decided to make my way home.

But a crazy idea hit me - I wanted to get some drinks. No, not because I saw Tim Yap, nor because I got to read a few pages of a Dilbert comic book. But because I wanted to take my mind off the disastrous quiz I took that noon. Because I suddenly missed our org's party, and well, because I missed drinking alcohol.

Off I went to Mojito Bay, where else. I love Mojito Bay!


They offer cheap drinks and even better, give 50% discounts on selected drinks. Woohoo! They actually give discounts from 8 PM to midnight, unlike a place I know near school, which offers cheaper beers at noon.

I asked the waiter which drinks were on discounts, and he mistakenly included some drinks which I remembered were not included the last time I went here. Nevertheless, I ordered a new drink - blue pineapple shuffle. It was actually greenish.


Over at the other table were a handful of Chinese men with a bunch of whores, complete with a female pimp! It was actually my first time seeing this scenario, and I was really really amused. I would've taken a picture if I was drunk. Fortunately, I wasn't. Minutes later, one of the guys handed some cash to the pimp, right in front of me. I thought how a lucky bastard I was for witnessing this.

Thus, I ordered another drink. As I was suspicious of a discount-related error, I asked the female waitress again which drinks were discounted. Yes, the shuffle was not included. Here I was trying to save as much moolah as I can by going to Jollibee, only to blow it all over a cocktail. But I was feeling happy, so I ordered a mojito.


I really love that drink.

On the street downstairs is this band performing in front of a group of seated people. Apparently, the Mall of Asia is now offering a buffet dinner with a live band performance. I do not know if I like that idea, since the band that night was playing sucky music. Heck, I caught a few couples doing some ballroom dancing on the streets! In front of dozens of people. I could just smile at their nonchalance.

Feeling tipsy (and happy), I decided it was time to head home for good. But the waiters put all their attention on the Chinese men and their bimbos that it took me years(i.e. 30 minutes) just to get their attention.

I got my bill, but it did not include the mojito I ordered. For a split-second there I actually considered to keep my mouth shut and just pay for the shuffle, but being the good guy I really am, despite feeling just a bit tipsy, I paid for the two drinks.

I headed home, just in time for Pinoy Big Brother. I slept, I woke up with a mild hangover. I felt shit. All week long I lacked sleep.

Sometimes I wonder why I continue to drink alcohol despite feeling really shitty the next day with a stomachache, headache, and muscle pain.

Because I'm weird like that.

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I was searching for Mojito Bay, and found Tim Yap along with it. kaya pala "out and about" yung title. LOL