This was the post I almost ended up not finishing

Thursday, March 22, 2007

This was the post I almost ended up not finishing

This is a very long and overly-late vacation post. Proceed with caution.

After the University Week and a couple of quizzes sucked the life out of me, my body desperately needed some R&R. So the family vacation came at the perfect time.

We headed off to Eagle Point Resort at Anilao, Batangas. Our (new-found) German friend Birgit came with us. She is in the country to work for a couple of months and is currently renting our condo unit. Birgit naturally wanted to check out the beaches (if possible, every week she said), so she tagged along.

The trip was a long and bumpy one. We were following detailed instruction on how to get to the resort. Unfortunately, it was innacurate.

I was getting restless, but after a good three-hour trip, we finally arrived.

Parking Lot

Our loft was simple yet clean and spacious.


The balcony offered a magnificent view that I would never grow tired looking at.

At the balcony

We quickly unloaded our bags and took a boat ride to have lunch at Sepoc Island.


Sepoc Island was beautiful.

Sepoc Island
Sepoc Island
Sepoc Island

Being the overly-active family that we are, we hiked to the top of Sepoc Island. It barely took five minutes to reach the top.

Sepoc Island
Hiking down
At the top
From the top

We played frisbee,

Sepoc Island
Sepoc Island

snorkeled and kayaked as well.

Sepoc Island
Sepoc Island

But I made sure that I had some time to relax and enjoy the sun. After all, this is the part of the trip I was looking forward to the most.

Watching the kids play

Fun at Sepoc ended and we headed back to the main core. This beautiful sunset welcomed us.


There were several power outages during the night. The total darkness and eerily quiet atmosphere was really freaky. Good thing the power was back by the time Pinoy Big Brother was on. Yes, I'm a fan.

As we are leaving by noon, we had breakfast really early the next day.


I love how the restaurant offers a panoramic view of the sea. Such a sight to behold while dining.


We swam with baby sharks in the saltwater pool. It was pretty scary as the baby sharks were not so "baby" at all - they were big! But once you get the hang of it, it was a pretty memorable experience.


The swimming pools were very inviting and we obliged to the invitations.


Soon enough, we had to painfully say goodbye to this little resort we grew to love in under 24 hours.

Coming back to Manila, I was greeted with a lot of work to do. Doing this entry along took me around three weeks. And doing this blog entry made me relive the memories all over again.

I miss Eagle Point. I know I'll be back.


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