Saturday, April 28, 2007


My dog Tim is such a mean chomper. The first time we bought him a rawhide dogbone, he devoured it within an hour. My dad's vintage sunglasses was destroyed after he left on a table in our garage. My dog has chewed on slippers, wood, and whathaveyou.

My dad and I play table tennis almost everytime, and inevitably, a pingpong ball would be lost every now and then. Minutes later, we'll see it shredded into a million pieces.

Just a few hours ago, we lost another pingpong ball. I don't know how but it suddenly occurred to me to let my Tim search for it. I got another ball, let him smell it, and voila! Within a minute, we found our missing ball.

I never really realized how smart he is. Now if only we could stop him from chewing on everything.

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