The Temptation got me

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Temptation got me

I tried to resist, but I had to give in. The Temptation (aka Topman) got me. A quick trip to their Mall of Asia branch and I went home with a polo.

TopmanTopman Hosted on Zooomr
Topman poloTopman polo Hosted on Zooomr

It really was easy to blow money on Topman, especially when it is on sale. The polo originally costs Php1245, which I got for 50% off. This has left me even broke-r than before. I think I need to attend money management classes.

I finally had lunch at Taste Asia, which my favorite blogger Anton raved about. I was expecting to try Asian cuisine but unfortunately, that section was under renovation. There were fresh seafood, which you would personally buy and have it cooked. But I know nothing wet market buying, so I settled with T-bone steak from their Asian Fusion stall, which was basically Kamayan that can be found in every other SM food courts.

Taste Asia was packed by nursing students from nearby schools.

Taste AsiaTaste Asia Hosted on Zooomr

I love dining al fresco but the area can be very hot during lunch. The cars passing by and the on-going construction do nothing for the ambiance.

TelecomTelecom Hosted on Zooomr

Despite this, I will be back to Taste Asia when the Asian section opens again. Or when I am with someone who actually knows how to pick the best seafood.

Since I'm perpetually in love with the sea, I wanted to check out the boardwalk and have a whiff of sea air blow on my face. Sadly, the Esplanade construction was still ongoing.

Esplanade ConstructionEsplanade Construction Hosted on Zooomr

I've been wanting to try this binocular for a while now, but when I finally did, it was not accepting my five peso coin.

ViewView Hosted on Zooomr

Though I didn't get to see the boats and yachts up close, I finally got to see the humongous Spiderman 3 sticker on the IMAX Theater.

Spiderman 3 at the Imax TheaterSpiderman 3 at the Imax Theater Hosted on Zooomr

The red works well, but I wonder how the black Spiderman would look like.

A photo gallery based on the year's top media photos has been set up inside the main mall. I love that the Mall of Asia has regular exhibits and galleries like this. It gives us mere commoners a chance to appreciate art and culture at a convenient place.

Photo gallery at MoAPhoto gallery at MoA Hosted on Zooomr
Photo galleryPhoto gallery Hosted on Zooomr

Since it was still early, I spent the time going to my usual haunt - Powerbooks. No, I don't really read much books, only comic books. I actually finished half of The Wedding Of Cathy And Irving.

Reading CathyReading Cathy Hosted on Zooomr

Don't laugh now, but I actually have been reading Cathy since I was young. She's crazy, over-analytical, obsessed, and hilarious. I love her. I didn't really imagine I could relate to a woman, but I vividly remember this strip where she has a problem going to the mall without buying anything. And that is how I am actually feeling the past few months! I have to pass this certain mall everyday in order to get home, and all these little stores are screaming at my wallet.

This summer, I've been specifically buying smoothies on a regular basis, be it at Fuzion or Fruitas. I love the mango banana smoothie of Fruitas. I also tried smoothies from Conlin's and it's really good.

Conlin's SmoothieConlin's Smoothie Hosted on Zooomr

In fact, I've been making my very own mango smoothies at home almost every day. All this talk has made me craving for one right now. I'll make one asap.

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baldo said...

you had this coming.. with your previous post? lol

topdog said...

you read my blog? wth? haha.

guilar said...

hey, thanks for the tip!.. i'll visit the shop before next week -'nuf time before my next trip :)

yup, food is good at taste Asia. My family's other dining places @ MOA are: Pupung's and Deli France. that's where our kid usually loves the food.

topdog said...

guilar: My friends and I usually eat at Pupung's as well, it is relatively cheap. Chocolat is my favorite dessert place.

You're lucky that you have all those business trips that take you to other countries, but as I've read on your blog, it's not that much fun after all.

guilar said...

I miss my family during trips outside. and it's all work lately.

i'll be out again next week for a 2-day meeting...that's why i'll be looking for a nifty shirt at topman before this weekend.

but i do try to 'inhale' all i could about a particular place, experience it, and enjoy the best i can.

baldo said...

i'm your manila percentage (from you post a while back).. lol joke.. maybe.. =P