Our last hurrah

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Our last hurrah

It has been almost three weeks since my friends and I dashed to Splash Island for our last hurrah.

The date was May 22nd, a day before our school year's first day of classes. This "trip" was planned weeks before, yet as expected, only five of us were able to make it.

To be honest, I wasn't keen on joining as well - I'm more of a beach bum than a pool person. Good thing I joined them. It was one of the most fun days of my life.

The main attraction of course are the slides. We raced at the Magellan's Drop, which sadly I never won.

This is my favorite slide, the Rio Montanosa.


And this is us screaming our hearts out having fun at the slide.

This is us being the epitome of ultra-uber-extreme-super camwhores.

Water fun

Water and slides will not stop us from taking photos of ourselves.


Even when your friend (i.e. David) goes berserk and tries to strangle you underwater.

The face of drowning

Although taking photos while on a slide doesn't guarantee you wholesome pictures.

Pits and nips

Summer wouldn't be summer without yummy fruit smoothies.


We played dominos

The life

and had a few games of cards.

Macho men

Tanning was also a must, especially for Baldo.

Baking under the sun

We had fun playing frisbee, and even more fun taking that perfect frisbee shot.

Reaching for it
That's a miss
Eyes focused

A few more photos and we were done for the day. I never expected to have that much fun. We had smiles like these all day.


Splash Island, you will be terribly missed. The next day, classes had begun. Boo.

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