Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Our family has been on a recent travel frenzy, following our trip to Boracay. It was actually our first complete holiday. My dad and I once went to Hong Kong and China, my sister and mom once went to Singapore, and my brother went twice to Thailand. We went to Pearl Farm three years ago, minus our mom. Of course, we were complete last year, when we went to Eagle Point, but that was just in Batangas.

Sepoc Island

Anyway, we've been planning on taking more trips this year, and even planning our trips for next year. My parents and my sister just booked their flights to Hong Kong today, and I'm jealous. I also wanted to go, but I can't. You see the last time we went there, Disneyland was not open yet. And due to bad weather, we weren't able to go to Ocean Park as well.

I'll just have to content myself with the upcoming trip back to Boracay. Oh Lord please let that push through. It's highly unlikely though, but I'm still hoping! I like bumming around the beach than entering some childish theme parks anyway. No, I am not bitter.

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travelphilippines said...

yes me too cant wait to go back to boracay na...