Joey Pepperoni

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Joey Pepperoni

To sum up in one word: Disaster.

Joey Pepperoni

Joey Pepperoni opened recently in SM Southmall. So my parents and I decided to check out the place last Friday.

We ordered a 12-incher Joey Pepperoni, spaghetti with meatballs (I forgot the fancy Italian name they call it), and aglio oglio to go. The spaghetti and aglio oglio came fast. We devoured the spaghetti with meatballs, which frankly was forgettable.

Joey Pepperoni

So we waited for more than half an hour for our pizza, while seeing others who came in later than us get their pizzas first. This petite lady in white came to us and asked us if we're still waiting for anything. Well yes, our pizza!

Moments later, our waiter informed us that there was an error on their part, and apparently, they forgot our Joey Pepperoni! They're offering free drinks, but we're having none of it. We asked for our bill, with my parent's voice now in a heightened volume. In the end, they asked us not to pay our meal anymore, but for us to come back and give them a chance.

'Twas a nice gesture, but that was really very bad service. We're giving them another chance, but just one last.

3 barks:

Sakai said...

well, their pizza is not that good naman

Anonymous said...

We tried ther 12" Perfect Thin pizza last night, 4 cheese and Joey Pepperoni. We were disappointed-there was nothing perfect in ther pizza. It was not perfect thin, it was like undercooked bread not crisp.

The 4 cheese had more bechamel sauce(as extender) than actual cheese. It's one of those time "let's try it out" joint.

Nono said...

Joey Pepperoni.. Nothing Special.. I expected real italian Taste. But the joint sucks for me (Rob. Malate Branch) 1 pizza took 3almost 30 Mins. The refill of their eat all you can pasta takes more than 15 mins. and the taste..Sucks.. Not woth the money.. .5 out of 5