Propeller falls... not

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Propeller falls... not

I was just going to blog that a propeller fell off Asian Spirit's De Havilland Dash-7 aircraft and how it scared the shit out of my dad. Once and for all, he only flies Philippine Airlines. But recently, after relentless reasoning from me on how much cheaper these budget airlines are, I think I've made some inroads. I think he was considering flying those turbo props. Until he read this screaming news in today's paper...

But good thing though, I made my research. According to this report by the Inquirer, it was just a "false alarm". The propeller fell off before the flight and that engineers had detected trouble with the engine before take-off. Is this the truth, or is this damage control done by Asian Spirit?

Anyway, I've also read news that there's a planned merger between Asian Spirit and SEAIR, to take on Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines Express, especially since both are now flying straight to Caticlan. But instead of keeping the name of SEAIR - which if memory serves me right, haven't had any crashes or majore plane trouble yet - they're retaining the name of Asian Spirit. Bad move. Everyone knows that Asian Spirit has had a couple of plane crashes.

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travelphilippines said...

asian spirit and sea air together as one? mmmmmmmmm heheh. by the way thanks for naming the unknown resort in my blog hehe.