Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The past half year, I was underwhelmed by the following:

Juno - easily one of the most raved about movie last year. It got a lot of press. So I probably expected a lot from this movie. I did enjoy it, but yes, I expected more.

Cloverfield - ditto.

Gossip Girl - WTF was that finale? After that explosive "All About My Brother" episode comes a disappointing season finale. Where was the drama? And Georgina's "punishment" was so lame. I also don't like a Serena-Nate team-up. Good thing Rufus and Lily saved the episode.

The Hills - That's it? Totally expected. You've done it before, MTV. Lauren chose Jason over Paris. And now, Heidi chose Spencer over Las Vegas. Lame.

American Idol - Boring. Safe performances. Cookie-cutter contestants. The only saving grace is Fantasia's over-the-top performance.

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