Food Post, part II

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Food Post, part II

Josephine's Restaurant



This was called Mutya ng Cavite Soup and I loved it. I've always loved chowder. I'm not a big fan of Filipino food so I cannot judge Josephine's. I also liked Tortang Alimango, which my father tried copying lately.

Noche Buena

Ham, cheese, spaghetti bolognese, toast with butter, and a cup of hot chocolate. How more comfort food can you get? I could eat this everyday.


My family is not that adventurous with food, so it was a feat for me to get their approval to order unagi. I loved their gyoza! In fact, we ordered another one because it was gone in a flash. I wish we had tried their ramen, which I heard was their specialty.

Kanin Club

I've heard of Kanin Club for a long time already, but I hate rice so I was not eager to try it. Yes, I hate rice. I would even prefer it if I don't eat rice at all!

But Kanin Club's rice was super! I loved it. It's like an entree and rice combined into one order. So worth it. Food was overall great. I liked everything, but I really enjoyed the tapa, lemon chicken, and the rice. Their KC turon is made up of ingredients you can find in halo-halo, like ube,banana, and jackfruit. But it was overrated, I think. Or maybe I was just too full already.

Almon Marina

My birthday fell on a weekday and I had to go to my internship. Since I'm the only intern at our department, and my bosses do not know that it was my birthday, I ate my birthday lunch alone. I think Almon Marina is underrated. It actually serves nice slow food at not so exorbitant prices. I really enjoyed my lunch. I think I should eat here more often.

Cafe Bola

I treated my best friend for dinner in Cafe Bola at Greenbelt. The adobo flakes with goat cheese was amazing. I'm craving right now! Amazing food, even more amazing interiors. 'Nuff said.

6 barks:

Tammy said...

d pa ako nakakakain sa mga kinainan mo.... gus2 ko matry ajisen..

Gadget Spotter said...

hehe Ajisen is in Alabang Town Center. Tanabe at MoA is good too. As well as Haiku in Greenbelt.

topdog said...

tammy: meron sa RP Midtown! yung Ajisen kasi sa Japan fast-food ramen place lang siya, so not so fancy. tama lang price tapos okay naman!

yung mga okay talaga na japanese resto dun sa Little Tokyo, sa Makati ata. di ko pa na-try pero mahal na ata.

try mo rin Cafe Bola! Sarap!

beni: hindi ba mahal sa Tanabe? I've heard a lot about Haiku.

Tammy said...

diba may ari ng cafe bola may ari rin ng bizu daw:D i read in a mag:D

d pa ako nakakakain sa tanabe! haha:D matry nga sa rp soon kapag may job nako:D

topdog said...

Owner of Cafe Bola is Margarita Fores, also owner of Pepato and cibo. Iba ata yung sa Bizu e.

Tammy said...

ay! oo cibo pala saboooooooooog na tlga ako! thanks!