I lost my cardigan

Friday, January 9, 2009

I lost my cardigan

First of all, maybe you're thinking that I'm so shallow for having to blog my lost cardigan. Well, let me tell why:

1. I've been looking for ages for a cardigan that actually fits me, is not overpriced, and is in neutral colors.

2. I came across that cardigan by accident. There's a new Fox branch in Mall of Asia and I debated whether I should check it out since I know that prices could be a bit high. But to my surprise, the cardigan actually wasn't that expensive.

3. I brought the cardigan and my umbrella today just when it didn't rain. And while commuting and walking, I decided to place the umbrella inside my bag instead of the cardigan, which I now realized was stupid.

4. The cardigan wasn't even a month old!

I've called Gateway, SM Cubao, and Ali Mall in the hopes of finding that darn thing. Will try to call them again tomorrow. I actually left a paper bag at Banco de Oro yesterday, and when I called, they have it and I was able to retrieve the paper bag today. Hope I will have the same luck.

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