Last Christmas

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Last Christmas

This is so late, but last Christmas, these are a few of the gifts we got.


Marks & Spencer decaf instant coffee. Sadly, I don't drink instant coffee anymore so I'll let my dad have this.


Beansprout. This is a locally-made eco bag that my sister got.

I've been trying to minimize my carbon footprint. Whenever I buy something from CD-R King or if I buy something small, I ask the clerk not to use plastic bags anymore. I just stuff the items inside my bag. I've been forcing my parents to use green bags as well whenever they are buying groceries or tiangge-shopping. So this gift is a welcome one.

And this is one of the gifts I gave myself:

I don't really buy anything that costs more than a thousand bucks aside from electronic gadgets like my iPod nano or my digital camera. So it was really hard for me to buy this one but what the heck, I needed a new bag.

3 barks:

Tammy said...

haha wow naman! :D nice stuffs! :D

topdog said...

Thanks pero konti nalang mga natatanggap kong regalo ngayon e.

Tammy said...

haha ako rin konte lang. pero don't care naman:D i like wrapping gifts more than receiving them. wrapping ah. not unwrapping! kaya nga jinojoke ko eh! next time magtatayo ako ng pabalutan sa mga tiangge. kasi un sure wala pa akong kacompetition!