Brooklyn Pizza

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brooklyn Pizza

Brooklyn Pizza

After my not-so-good interview where I spent two hours waiting and ten minutes for the actual interview itself, I walked to Alabang Town Center to have lunch.

White pizza

I've been dreaming of Brooklyn Pizza's White Pizza since the day before so I immediately orderd a slice of the White Pizza and Porko.


I decided to skip on their pastas for the following reasons:

1. Heard that they're not that good.
2. Two slices of pizza and another order of pasta is too much for a jobless individual like me.
3. I wanted to leave room for dessert. Which I did have. Cupcakes!

I'd like to try their pastas next time but all I can say is that I'll never get tired of their White Pizza! But I hope they drain all that grease first before serving the pizza to their customers. And couldn't they at least use real china?

3 barks:

Tammy said...

anong white pizza? the first pizza looks like yummy. cheesy! haha:D i wanna try eating there. yayain ko si guids hopefully someday.

topdog said...

White pizza nga yung quattro formaggio nila. Some say they have the best one.

Tammy said...

looks good nga:D i have to try that:D