Turning Japanese

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Turning Japanese

I've been having this craving for Japanese the past week ever since I got to eat at Don-don again.

I am the type of person who tries hard to satisfy his cravings and wants, so I trekked to Robinson's Place Manila after my review to get my Japanese fix. I was torn between Sushi-ya, Teriyaki Boy, Tempura, and Karate Kid but my friend Guido said that Karate Kid gives the best value for my money.

So there I went. True enough, the place was jampacked. More than half of the diners were students. Well I'd say they are quite well-off anyway since Karate Kid isn't exactly that cheap, especially if you eat there often. Ever since reviewing in the Morayta area, I started to realize that what I have been eating for lunch that past 5 years was quite expensive. But I digress.

It took some time, but the katsudon was finally delivered in the table. I took one last photo before I devoured it.

I've had better, but this was really enough to quench my craving. But then it started my craving for Chinese food...

3 barks:

Tammy said...

looks yummy! but I'm trying to stay away from rice. well I eat rice on special occasions like today:D kasama kasi sa maki:D hahaha:) so no choice! tsaka I don't wanna waste food:D

Guido knows best ba?:D just kidding. bigla ko tuloy siya namiss sobra:(

topdog said...

wow! dapat na rin akong mag-diet. lapit na nga pala summer! kaso nakaka-stress review e so kain ng kain.

ano special occasion mo?

miss mo na si guido? akala ko lagi pa rin kayo nagkikita. ayiiheee. na-try ko na rin dati sa karate kid e pero baka may alam lang syang mas sulit.

Tammy said...


joke lang special occasions. pag trip lang kumain tsaka kakain:D

d kami lagi nagkikita. if im lucky we meet once a week. if im super lucky even twice to thrice.