Wai Ying

Monday, March 9, 2009

Wai Ying

Wai Ying
I was seriously craving for good Chinese food. So I tried doing some research on the best places to eat in Chinatown, but still friendly enough for my student wallet.

There's Ying Ying as blogged by Anton, Estero (which my friend Chard has been asking me to go with him), and Wai Ying.

I decided to go alone and try Wai Ying. I was excited to find it on my own since I love adventures, but most importantly, I was excited to eat really good Chinese food.

It was a longer walk than I expected but I found it! The place was packed. I got seated in a table with a Chinese lady. She was sweet and very friendly.

I ordered roast duck and white chicken rice, hakao, and cold milk tea. Oh my, it was heaven. The roast duck was juicy and flavorful. The excess juices are swirling all over my plate. The white chicken was tender. The servings were huge! I was in for a big lunch. Good thing hot tea was served, and my additional order of milk tea helped as well. And oh, for the record, that was the best milk tea I've ever tasted.

I was already full so I just took home the hakao to be shared with my dad.

It was not as cheap as I would have expected. I paid around Php 240 all in all but it was so worth it. Where else can you get really good roast duck and white chicken rice for about Php 130? If you do, then hit me up. I need to try that.

3 barks:

Tammy said...

favorite ko ang hakao! SARAP!

topdog said...

halos lahat naman di ba? hehehe. sarap nga.

nakita ko na nga pala yung kiddo manga nung kumain ako sa karate kid. haha. liit lang pala sya.

try ko sana yung crepes kaso busog na ako sa katsudon e!

Tammy said...

hehehe yeah liit lang nga:D