Roti Mum

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Roti Mum

Roti Mum

I've been meaning to try Roti Mum for the longest time but the idea of eating a big bun was not exactly my idea of an indulgent snack.

But how wrong am I. It was absolutely delicious. Rich coffee flavor, which I really like since I'm a coffee drinker. It's sweet and extremely soft. Probably one of the softest bread I've eaten aside from Le Ceour de France's milk loaf.

At Php 50, it's quite an expensive bread but it's so worth it. Each bun is really big. Big enough to sate a person's appetite. I'll definitely be buying this again.

2 barks:

Tammy said...

wow! san to?:D i'll try that sooN!

topdog said...

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