Supr Flickr 0.4

Friday, April 10, 2009

Supr Flickr 0.4

EDIT: I will stop releasing Supr Flickr due to copyright issues.

Supr Flickr 0.4 is released. This version fixes issues with the add-on showing JavaScript errors as well as working with sites other than Flickr.

Supr Flickr is a compilation of Greasemonkey scripts for Flickr. This add-on adds the following functionalities to Flickr:

* Adds a simple rich edit interface (Bold, Italic, Blockquote, Link) input textarea in Flickr where you can use HTML.

* Adds links to different sizes directly to a Flickr photo page, generates html code to easily copy'n paste thumbnail & description, and automatically loads your 20 most used tags when you click "Add Tag."

* It adds an icon_reply link at each of the comments under your photo (highlighted above on the left hand side). When you click on the link, the buddy icon html code will be added into the Add your comment box, where you can show nicely who your replies are directed at (see the result highlighted above on the right hand side).

* Removes any award comments from Flickr photos.

* Allows you to send your Flickr image to multiple groups.

* Display a Google Map in the Additional Information section of a Flickr photo page, if location info is available.

* Adds useful links to external services to the user sub-menu. Based on Browse by Interesting script by steeev and Scout Link by netomer.

Script Compiler by Anthony Lieuallen (

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