What now?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What now?


I've been neglecting this blog for quite some time now but only because I've got more important things to attend to.

I've been reviewing for my board exam and fortunately, was able to pass it. The celebrations are done and over.

What now?

I am currently being considered to be part of Sun Cellular's engineering management trainees. During the interview, the panelists asked me one question I couldn't forget: "Are you a leader?"

All my life I feel like I've always been a follower. And a good one at that I believe. Yes, I became group leader here and there, but was I a leader of a large group? No.

And I couldn't help asking myself: "Am I mature enough to be a manager?" As I was riding on the bus home, I further examined myself. I regretted not joining as many clubs and organizations as I can during high school and college. But then again, maybe I would've failed more subjects had I joined.

But then I came to realize one thing: I feel that I want to be a leader. I feel that I am ready. It's true that I'm scared of the unknown. Scared of failing. But the desire is there.

I'll just hope that the whole me is willing.

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