He is Lucifer

Saturday, February 24, 2007

He is Lucifer

I am angry. Very angry. No, make that mad. Fuming mad.

My professor at Transmission of Signals laboratory scheduled a makeup class today. Why? Because he was absent for the last three meetings, that's why.

So I got up early, made coffee, left the house and flagged the tricycle. And then the text message came. He can't make it. YET AGAIN.

Good thing I've always been a bit tardy and was still inside our village. Or else I will never ever forgive him for canceling when I'm halfway to school.

And no, he cannot set a makeup class next Saturday and ruin my summer getaway that I've been dreaming of since last year's summer getaway. I just will not let him do that.

Never underestimate an insomniac who got up early to attend a subject that should not have been on a weekend. The same insomniac who had summer classes last year (and will have summer classes this year) and who is allowed only a two-day beach vacation each summer.

God I need some sleep.

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aryo said...

Nice blog. I love the template. Kainis, di ako marunong gumawa ng mga ganyan.:-)

topdog said...

Hey thanks. My template is actually an official Blogger template. I just added the photo at the top.