About the post that I can not finish

Thursday, March 15, 2007

About the post that I can not finish

For the past few days weeks, I've been trying to blog about what has happened to me the past few week. But no matter how I try, I seemingly cannot, for the life of God, finish it.

This week I had to deal with two more quizzes. Ah yes, the sorry life of a student.

Being in university, in a trimestral university to be specific, is like being in a battle with hordes of horse-riding quiz knights pointing their spears straight at you, ready to puncture and deflate your bubble. They keep on coming, right after the other. You can hardly breathe, and yet, here comes another quiz knight right in front of you.

Okay, I'm getting a wee bit all-over-the-place here. But to be honest, the past week has left me dull. Useless. I feel like a walking vacuum right now. I feel that all the creative juices I had (if I had any) has been sucked dry by a barrage of mean examinations. Can't think, can't write, can't type. Is the calculator the only thing I can work with now?

Just when I was about to work on that forsaken blog post today, Zooomr has decided to move to Mark III. Great. After deciding a few days ago to upload all my photos to Zooomr and make it my primary hosting service, this happens to me. Oh well, I guess I have another reason to delay that entry.

I have considered completely forgetting about the past few weeks and just start blogging anew. A fresh start, that is. But the blogger in me refused to cooperate. That damn attention-whore mofo.

Before I only have academic homework. Now I have blogging homework.

And I am completely lagging behind.

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