Baldo the Dog

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Baldo the Dog

EDIT: For those searching about Balto the Bravest Dog, you could read this wiki and this Google search.

Google tells me that my blog appears under the search term Baldo the Dog. So I ran the search myself and I was surprised that the Top Dog actually appears 5th (as of this writing) on the results.

See for yourself!

Should I be happy or what? Who is Baldo the Dog? But the biggest question is, who actually searches for "Baldo the Dog"?

Ugh, so many questions. My head hurts now.

2 barks:

Ruth said...

I was searching for Baldo the Dog and I found you!! What do you have to do with the bravest dog? :)

topdog said...

Hi Ruth. I actually don't know. I have a dog named Tim and a friend named Baldo. =)