I am broke, but I still spend

Monday, April 30, 2007

I am broke, but I still spend

After getting an iPod nano, numerous impulsive buying of clothes, bags, and other things, succumbing to my growling stomach almost everytime, and having a beach getaway with my friends, I am broke.

But with Google giving away free $10, I cannot resist the temptation to spend. I originally wanted a top from Aeropostale, but they do not ship to the Philippines. Heck, all the other shops do not ship to this country. And if they do, the shipping would cost me five times what the actual product costs.

Fortunately, my friend Jamie is currently in New Jersey. So I asked her if I could ship the item to her, and she naturally obliged. You're a savior Jam.

Now, I got hundreds of products to choose from. But being the greatest friend that I am, ahem, I chose a Kingston 1 GB SD Card. Now I searched for hours to find a retailer than can ship for free, but sadly I didn't find any. After deducting the free $10, the memory card would cost me Php 375. The same memory card can be purchased for about Php 750 at CD-R King, so I was happy with my purchase. Yet, it drives me nuts that I have to spend Php 375.

That amount of money is big for a struggling student like me. That could have fixed my mobile phone, which yet again refuses to cooperate by not responding to my incessant presses at the number 8. To my friends: if I haven't responded to your messages the past few days, that means I cannot find a way to reply without using the letters t,u, or v.

Being broke, the engineer inside of me started to work. I opened up my mobile, which alone took me some time, and did everything I could to try to fix it. That is, wipe and blow away the dirt, and pray that it will work. After several repetitions of opening it up and dusting off the dirt, I did what most people do - place a piece of paper, and again pray that it will work. Fortunately, it did. I was so glad not because I got my phone fixed on my own, but because of the idea of saving up Php 250 on repair.

But that is way out of what I was previously talking about. Going back, I'll get my memory card when Jamie gets here by the last week of June. Only to go back to New Jersey by September. Ah, the hassle of getting that Green Card.

Seeing that this post is long but really about nothing, I could now say that my writing skills have officially deteriorated, not that I was a good writer to begin with.

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