The fast few days have been crazy

Friday, May 4, 2007

The fast few days have been crazy

Well, it's crazy enough for me not to blog for more than a week now. So this entry will be long, and full of random stories.

April 30, 2007

My professor called off classes today, which left us with a four-day vacation. Great. Just when I was getting the groove of studying again, this had to happen. I hate that.

I woke up late and realize I was alone. My parents must have gone to the mall, leaving me with a few strips of bacon for lunch. I opened up the computer while reading the morning 'paper. The phone rang, and this girl from Citibank was looking for my dad.

Me: Di ko alam kung anung oras sya babalik.
Girl: Sino to?
Me: I'm his son.
Girl: Ilan taon ka na?
Me: 20.
Girl: 20 ka lang? Di nga?
Me: Uhm, oo.
Girl: Meron ka nang credit card?
Me: Yup, HSBC.
Girl: Extension ba yan?
Me: Nope. Ako yung primary.
Girl: Oh. Saan ka nagwowork?
Me: College pa lang ako.
Girl: Talaga? 20?

And then I wondered if I was already that old to be studying. I know I am older than most of my batchmates, but the tone of this girl's voice really left me doubting my studying status.
Girl: Saan ka nagaaral?
Me: Sa La Salle.
Girl: Talaga? Sa Main or sa Benilde?

Ugh. Why does everyone have to ask if I am from DLSU-Manila or from CSB? As in everyone. If I was studying in CSB, I would say so matter-of-factly.
Me: Main.
Girl: Wow. Anung course mo?

And this is when her voice started to sound a bit different.
Me: Engineering.
Girl: Ah. May girlfriend ka na?
Me: Wala pa.
Girl: Talaga? Bakit wala pa?

Now she sounds like a child ready to devour a big fat piece of marshmallow. I gave my usual spiel of why I still do not have a girlfriend, which I have already memorized for convenience.

Our talk shifted from my perpetual single-ness to my bedroom exploits, which is nil, zilch, zero, if you believe me. I would not go into further details so as to salvage the little reputation I have left.
Girl: Anong gusto mong gawin ngayon?

This is the signal for me to hang-up. Even if she sounded pretty AND perky. I still have my dignity.

Feeling weird and bothered and excited, I searched the Internet to find solace. Looks like I am not the only victim of horny sales agents.

Now this experience reminded me of a not-so-nice experience I had only a few weeks ago. I accompanied my mom to Makati, because she does not know how to get there.

As she was being interviewed by sales agents (see any pattern yet?), I stayed in the office's lobby trying to organize my impending beach getaway with my friends.

I was approached by this lanky male who introduced himself. I introduced myself as well and soon, he joined me in the sofa and was asking me questions. When I told him I'm 20, he seems not convinced. Do I not look like 20, I asked myself. And then I delivered my usual spiel about being single and all, heck I just really wanted to be left alone as I have a trip to plan and a non-replying friend who still has not confirmed if he would be joining.

He asked a few more questions, and soon, he was too close for comfort. I am not really a friendly guy and definitely not a touchy-feely person.
Lanky male: May scandal ka ba dyan sa celphone mo?
Me: Wala.
Lanky male: Ow? Patingin nga.
Me: Puro ako lang.
Lanky male: Pwede ko bang makuha ang number mo?

I sat there. Frozen. And shaking. I have never been asked for my number by a fellow male specie in that way. Ten seconds of awkward silence and all I cold mutter was
Me: Secret.

It was stupid. Dumb. Childish. But he left and never looked at me again, obviously embarrassed.

May 1, 2007

Labor Day. Again, I had no class. But I had to wake up earlier because we're spending the day in Mount Sea Resort together with my relatives from my mom's side. It was a quick hour trip from our house to the resort, which is located in Cavite. Apparently, my relatives did not enjoy our summer trip last year to Virgin Beach Resort. No, not because the place was not nice, but because the trip was long - three and a half hours to be exact - and travelling along rough roads were not their idea of a relaxing summer getaway.

The resort was fairly clean, and best of all cheap. It was not a bad Labor Day trip at all.

I love the sea, and good thing the resort has a nice view of it.

PeacefulPeaceful Hosted on Zooomr

Being the active family that we are, we played frisbee and volleyball,

VolleyballVolleyball Hosted on Zooomr


HustlerHustler Hosted on Zooomr

rode the slide a few times,

PosePose Hosted on Zooomr

and made our way through the obstacle course.

YeehaaYeehaa Hosted on Zooomr

I also swam around 20 laps in the pool. I am ecstatic about this, for I have been extremely out of shape lately.

But I made sure I had time to relax, escape from the city, and work on my tan.

TanTan Hosted on Zooomr

All the activities and prolonged exposure to the sun left my body beat. Not exactly what I had in mind for a summer getaway. By the time we got back to the city, my brother had this brilliant idea of catching Spiderman 3. How could I resist a free movie?

Despite not being able to walk, my sister, brother, and I went to SM Southmall catch the last full show. I liked the movie, but I hated the ending. It was really underwhelming. It was a really long movie, but I never felt that it was a dragging one. I actually did not feel sleepy, which is unnatural of me, despite the fact that it was already late and my body was screaming to get some rest.

Due to a very bad decision I made, we had to walk to our house after the movie. That was probably the worst torture my body felt. Of course, nothing would ever top my cleaning visits to my dentist, but that is another story. Expectedly, I was a full hour late to my class the next day, which starts at 1030.

May 4, 2007

We took our second quiz on Engineering Economy today. I was scared of this quiz because a) I did not prepare well, because I was busy looking at my friend's photos from their Puerto Galera trip, which I should have made if I was not taking this stupid summer class, and b) there is this nasty rumor that students who pass this dreaded second quiz can be counted in one hand.

It went well fortunately, but not after I had sweat buckets. The aircon of V501 (or was it V503?) needs to be fixed pronto.

Guilar has linked to my blog and posted this very flattering entry. Thanks for that - it really boosted my confidence. But even better, it reminded me that I still had to submit articles to my organization's newsletter. Check out Guilar's blog.

May 5, 2007

Jamie left me a comment in my Friendster that she has already received my package. But I already knew that, thanks to Google Checkout's excellent tracking service. That plus the free $10 is great and all, but if only they get more merchants and offer lower standard shipping rates to the Philippines, they would be even better.

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It wasn't crazy at all, was it? It just is a huge relief for me to finally finish this entry I've long wanted to post.

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tarnishedsilver said...

That lady from citibank was way out of line. You should have hung up the phone sooner.

and that guy who asked for your number? lol. i couldn't help but laugh because i can relate to your story. i often wonder why some people think they can get all cozy to complete strangers, even when it's evident that you'd prefer to be left alone.

Splendid Sunshine said...

Hello. Just found this really funny and I keep on smiling while reading it. Who would have thought that the lady from citibank asked you some personal questions, and was really interested in you.LOL good thing you remembered your conversation. :)

topdog said...

Reading it now, it is funny. But believe me, it was so creepy back then. Haha.

Of course I'll remember that conversation. Who could forget that kind of "experience"?