It's all coming back

Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's all coming back

How do you feel when you talk to somebody you have loved before?

I cannot actually categorize how I feel. There's this girl who I don't have the guts to speak to after I screwed her up.

And then there's this girl, who told me she did not like me. But now we are talking again. It just makes me really really happy to finally talk to her again.

I thought I was over her, but with these recent talks, I am reminded why I loved her before. She's unpretentious, pretty, and always pleasant to talk to.

The problem is I am afraid to make a move on her, again. I do not want to lose our friendship, but it kills me whenever I have to hold my emotions to myself.

I've already made this mistake of not telling this certain girl how I really felt, and I'm not gonna make the same mistake twice, hopefully. I am afraid of rejection, I am afraid of the consequences. I want the two of us to continually talk, because she makes me happy.

But I am not even sure if she is single. I do not know if she still likes this boy who was the same reason why she told me she did not like me four years ago.

I am not sure if she would like me. Hey, I am not the most gorgeous boy out there. I am not sure if she is ready to be with a man four years her senior.

I am not sure myself.

3 barks:

Anonymous said...

whoa chismis. sino to?

jamie said...

jamie to haha

topdog said...

ang tagal na nito a! haha. nung 4th year tayo, 1st year sya. gets?