The day of almosts and getting tipsy

Friday, May 18, 2007

The day of almosts and getting tipsy

On Tuesday night, Richard invited me to go bowling the next day. Usually I would have said no, since I live all the way down south and commuting is such a pain in the ass. My friends usually would go swimming or play badminton during the weekends, while I miss out on all the fun because of my geographical handicap. Fortunately, course cards would be distributed the next day so for a change, I will be able to join them.

Early Wednesday morning, I received a message that our grades were not released yet. But what the heck, I was already dressed up and ready to go. I met Richard, Guido, and David at school and after lunch, we made our way to Mall of Asia.

We met Jason and Elvin inside the mall, and proceeded to the bowling alley. Or more appropriately, the still-closed bowling alley. Despite the mini-setback, we were determined to have fun. David had this idea to go ice skating, which he has always wanted to do.

The words ice skating do not ring my ears quite well. Several years ago, I was out ice skating with my high school friends. While they were gliding gracefully around the arena, I was stuck in the corner grabbing the rail for my dear life. I am not good in balancing. I never was. Heck, I don't even know how to ride a bike. But I have to admit it was kinda fun despite not really knowing how to skate. That is, until I fell flat on my back, 2 meters from the exit. Yes, we were on our way out when I suffered that unfortunate fall. I had pain on my neck for a week, and that fall pretty explains why I have a crooked neck.

So we made our way to the ice skating rink only to see a competition was ongoing. Course cards, bowling, ice skating - darn I can see a trend here.

We decided to see a movie instead. I really wanted to see Fracture. Guess what, we were late by ten minutes. Some of us did not like Shrek The Third, so despite Elvin being not too fond of horror, 28 Weeks Later was our best option.

While waiting for the movie, we wasted our time on good ol' Timezone. We played this trivia arcade, in true engineering geeks fashion. Guido won most of the rounds, that lucky bastard. I bought some snacks, and off we went inside the theater.

IMG_1183IMG_1183 Hosted on Zooomr

It was not a bad movie at all, but again like Spiderman 3, I was underwhelmed by the ending. Hey, there's only so much one can do with a main story like that.

After the movie, we exchanged the obligatory zombie jokes. It was too early to have dinner yet, so off we went to Powerbooks. I read some comic books, of course.

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David and I seriously looked like fools laughing by ourselves for an hour and a half. Brian met us after, and Guido announced that he will treat us for dinner. Woohoo! The thifty-and-broke-student inside of me wanted to hug him, but fortunately I held back.

After settling inside Gerry's Grill, Guido proceeded to order lots of food. And I mean lots of food. Damn my diet.


They even gave us free crispy pata. Ah, that dinner was heaven. I never really thought we could finish off our food, but my friends are such mean chompers that we eventually did.

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But the best part, for me at least, was the blue margarita. The cheap but lovely blue margarita.

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I drank almost half of that collander. And I got tipsy. I never thought I would be tipsy on a Wednesday night from drinking margarita, but I was!

My friends left after dinner, but I decided to stay. I wanted to be sober because I will be commuting, so I needed to detoxify fast. I was walking like a blind penguin, so good thing I was able to reach The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I ordered a mocha latte on the go, and had to struggle to reach the shuttle. Next thing I know, I was five minutes from home.

I changed my clothes, and proceeded to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty and dehydrated, with a headache and stomachache to boot. Will someone remind me again why I love drinking alcohol?

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