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Friday, May 2, 2008

Blogging from...

Mandarin Wok

Mandarin Wok in Mall of Asia. You get free WiFi for a minimum of Php 30, powered by e-yellowpages.

Free WiFi

Argh. I find myself spending just so I can avail of free WiFi. Should've went home instead - no food expenses, probably faster Internet.

I. Should. Break. This. Habit.

Well, I'd just convince myself that since it was already 8pm and I was already very very hungry, the hundred bucks worth of dinner and free WiFi was worth it.
Shanghai Rice

How I wish I was that foolish...

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bleue said...

thanks for visiting my site, i already replied to your inquiry on pal express, my reply as posted on the entry:

hello topdog, the surcharge fee is around P1430.00 +12% VAT, the additional taxes depends on the 12% VAT for the route fare.