Can't finish The Alchemist

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Can't finish The Alchemist

I've only started regularly reading books last year, starting with Dan Brown's "Angels & Demons". It was such a positive experience that I vowed myself to pick up the habit of reading books.

Yes, I finished several books before that as well. But I hated it. I was just being forced to read because my Literature grades would surely be inked in red if I don't. But that was before.

As I was searching for books to read, I decided I have to read some sort of modern day classic. Several names came to mind: John Grisham, Paulo Coelho, Tom Clancy, Anne Rice. I settled on Paulo Coelho. My friend Grace, board topnotcher and classmate for more than a decade, is a fan. Of course, "The Alchemist" was the obvious choice among his best-sellers.

But it was harder than I thought finding this book. I searched several bookstores inside the malls but to no avail, until I found this small stall outside Trinoma selling used and new books at a bargain.

I browsed through several books, with my mind set on not buying anything, until I found this little thin yellowish book covered in plastic.

Paulo Coelho. "The Alchemist". Jackpot. I bought it in a heartbeat.

The Alchemist

That was weeks ago. And I haven't finished the little book yet. "Angels & Demons" and "Da Vinci Code" were much thicker books which I finished in a week.

No, I'm not saying that "The Alchemist" is bad. It's actually a good book. A simple and inspiring read. Nothing too fancy - just a well-thought-of genius of a book.

But it's not a compelling read for me. Maybe it's just not my alley. I'll try picking it up before sleeping and hopefully, finish it tonight.