Hair & Age

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hair & Age

Valentine's Day is nearing so I decided to have my hair trimmed today. I went to Fix at Alabang Town Center. After a half an hour wait, I was finished. So I handed out 200 bucks but lo and behold, the cashier, who was a bit cute, courteously said the bill was 225 bucks.

225 BUCKS? Up by 40 bucks since I last went there? For a haircut? Don't get me wrong. Fix is a great salon. 225 bucks is totally worth it, considering I get my hair shampooed and conditioned with lovely imported products, and I get a top haircut which the Top Dog truly deserves. Have I mentioned the free head massage as well? It feels like their hands are making love with my hair. It's so good that I can happily sleep with my head in the sink.

But then again, 225 pesos is a bit too much for me. I am sure I can find a similar salon offering similar services for a lower price. I'll just have to go and find one.

Let the hunting begin!

On my way home today, the tricycle driver called me 'boy'. I'm not so sure if I should be happy or not. One thing I'm sure is that I am amused by this. Do I look like a kid?

Yes, I am old. There are times when I can see the effects of alcohol and sleepless nights to my body, especially my face.

I feel old yet act like young. Childlike even.

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